Choose Wayfinding for BC Childrens Hospital Campus

RAPID FEEDFACK NEEDED-Deadline extended to 2pm TODAY!


Choose the new wayfinding solutions for the BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital Oak Street Campus.  Scroll down past the three options and choose A, B, or C in our poll.

Brought to you by the BC Children’s Hospital Patient and Family Advisory; the Sunnyhill Health Centre Patient and Family Advisory and the BC Women’s Hospital Neonatal Program Family Advisory.


About BC Children's Hospital & Sunny Hill Health Centre Patient & Family Advisory

We are Partners in Care Patient and Family Advisory Program to BC Children's Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre and BC Women's Hospital Neonatal Program.
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2 Responses to Choose Wayfinding for BC Childrens Hospital Campus

  1. picfan says:

    We have received two comments via email and I wanted to include them here:
    2. B is too clinical. Like C best, good information and colours make the letters clear.
    3. After serious deliberation I have chosen C. These options conjur up Vancouver and our connection to nature which is imperitive for holistic health and healing. I feel this option would be less glaring to the soul and protrusive to the environment. Ill children and their parents, and most certainly pregnant women, are in need of a robust connection to natural surroundings in both the outdoor and indoor environment.

    Thank you to everyone for particpating. Please look for future polls on this and other topics.
    Susan Greig, Partners in Care Family Liaison
    BCCH, SHHC, BC Women’s

  2. picfan says:

    Posted by Donna Erickson
    I prefer C, however I am concerned about maintenance and replacement cost.

    Option A is great for identifying spaces, but the colours not appealing. We already know, from research done by fast-food restaurants, that red and yellow (think McDonald’s)make people hyper so they don’t linger in the restaurant. They eat and get out. So many children/people feeling nauseous when they are in hospital, so those bright colours may be overwhelming. Colour-coding is an excellent idea, but I think you need to re-think the actual colours in Option A and come up with a palette that is more soothing, but still clearly identifies spaces.

    Thanks Donna for your comments–I will forward them to the wayfinding consultants and committe working on this project later today! Susan Greig

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