Coming to BCCH & BCW Dec 5-14: Use Heather and Oak Entrances

We have been advised by the City of Vancouver, effective immediately, the portion of West 28th Avenue east of Oak Street and to the GF Strong parking lot entrance will be closed to traffic (including local traffic) as part of the sewer main construction project currently underway on Oak St. and West 28th Avenue.

Oak St. will remain open during the construction, but traffic capacity will be reduced to single traffic at various times during the construction.

Please advise patients, families, staff, volunteers and colleagues that they should utilize the Oak St. and Heather St. entrances of our campus between now and December 14 when the construction is scheduled to be finished. Please note, truck traffic is not permitted through the Heather St. entrance.

Vehicle traffic exiting through West 28th Avenue will be directed to turn right (east) for the duration of this closure, the usual traffic pattern will be reinstated after the construction.

Oak Street Campus Construction Notice


About BC Children's Hospital & Sunny Hill Health Centre Patient & Family Advisory

We are Partners in Care Patient and Family Advisory Program to BC Children's Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre and BC Women's Hospital Neonatal Program.
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