Parking & construction update for March 28

construction updateChildren’s and Women’s Hospitals Roofing Project

Roof replacement on portions of Children’s and Women’s Hospitals is almost done. Pedestrians will continue to have access via Children’s North Entrance. You may see construction activities adjacent to the North Entrance, Admitting and Deliveries Entrance, and the Main Entrance at Oak Street.

Ambulatory Care Building

Beginning on April 2, contractors will begin setting up hoarding and digging adjacent to the East and South East sections of the ACB. Several parking stalls (227-236) will be closed due to the excavation. Other areas may be periodically affected.

Renovations inside the ACB continue, in preparation for the relocation of OT/PT to K1. Hoarding is erected within the work area. Access to Starbucks remains unaffected.

CAPE Renovations

Construction has begun on the CAPE & Adolescent medication room. During the renovations the Unit will continue to provide care to patients and families. Hoarding is in place around construction area, and will remain until mid-April.

There will be no access to the Adolescent Unit via entrance 87 doorway. Access via the SHY overpass and entrance 85 has not changed.

Ronald McDonald House

Framing construction work continues on the new RMH. Ring road parking is currently unaffected. The parking lot south east of Brock Farhni is permanently closed.

Brock Fahrni Fire Alarm Project

The fire alarm system at Brock Fahrni is being replaced. This involves replacing all electronic devices associated with the alarm system. You may notice work underway in the area.

Slow down in construction zones. The speed limit is 30km/h on the campus ring road and secondary roads. 


About BC Children's Hospital & Sunny Hill Health Centre Patient & Family Advisory

We are Partners in Care Patient and Family Advisory Program to BC Children's Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre and BC Women's Hospital Neonatal Program.
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