Parking and construction update for April 4

Parking gate near 28th Avenue entrance to close until September

On April 15, the parking gate near 28 Ave will close. Please watch for new traffic patterns and follow signage.

Construction at the South East end of Ambulatory Care Building (ACB; also known as the Starbucks building) begins

Contractors will begin setting up hoarding and equipment adjacent to the South East section of the ACB during the week of April 8. ACB Entrance 44 (the main entrance) is anticipated to close as early as Wednesday April 10 and will remain closed until mid-July. Several parking stalls in the area will also be closed.

Renovations in the ACB continue on the main floor.  Hoarding is erected within the work area. Access to Starbucks remains unaffected.

CAPE Renovations

Construction has begun; hoarding is in place around construction area, and will remain until mid-April.

Ronald McDonald House

Walls are up for the first building; Parking lot south east of Brock Farhni is permanently closed.

Slow down in construction zones. The speed limit is 30km/h on the campus ring road and secondary roads.

Construction continues at Ronald McDonald House

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