Help us choose a photo for our Online Surgery Tour poster!

Past and present patients & families of BC Children’s Hospital, we need your help! We need a photo for a poster to promote BC Children’s Hospital Online Surgery Tour. Which one grabs your attention? Is there one that makes you smile?

Vote for your choice below. (click on the images to enlarge them)

POLL CLOSES ON FRIDAY, APRIL 19 AT NOON, so don’t wait to vote!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about the poster, let us know below or email Alana at Thank you for your help and don’t forget to share this page with any other patients and families that you may know.

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2 Responses to Help us choose a photo for our Online Surgery Tour poster!

  1. Kblease says:

    Why is there an American Red Cross ad on this page?

    • Linda T. says:

      We don’t put any ads on this site.

      However, WordPress does sometimes put ads on popular pages, selecting the ad based on page content. I think that’s what happened here.

      We’re looking to upgrade the site (look for exciting changes coming soon!) and a part of that may include purchasing a WordPress package that bans ads entirely if people are finding them too distracting.

      Thank you for your comment! (I had no idea anyone was seeing ads.)

      Linda Tobias
      Partners in Care
      Social Media & Online Content Coordinator

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