SKOAH makes things happen!

Did you know…?

skoah facials and natural skincare has supported Partners in Care for a number of years now. Proceeds from skoah’s hopeful hand lotion are used for parent comfort initiatives at BC Children’s Hospital. These have included:

BCCH Family Support and Resource Centre2

All of this furniture is possible thanks to the generous support of skoah facials and natural skincare. Thank you, skoah!

  • A redesign of the quiet room on the 3rd floor of the hospital
  • Insertion of a stained-glass window on the PICU parent lounge (enabling parents to see whether anyone else is in there, prior to opening the door.)
  • Furniture in the family lounge areas of the Family Support and Resource Centre

skoah also provides funding to pay the folks who work for Partners in Care (myself included.)

Without skoah, Partners in Care would not be the success that it is. And now they’re inviting you to their Spring Fashion Show tonight. Visit our Facebook page for your chance to get free tickets!

fashion show 8Thank you, skoah! We hope tonight will be a huge success!

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