New Surgical Tour will help many families — Thank you Partners in Pajamas!

Dear Partners in Pajamas members,

We recently revised the online BC Children’s Hospital Surgical Tour. We came to you for feedback on what information would be helpful for families who are coming to BC Children’s Hospital for surgery. You also provided feedback on the Tour itself, as well as on the promotional poster.

We received valuable input from many of our Partners in Pajamas, including the importance of having tips to help your child cope with the upcoming surgery, discussing what to expect the day before, the day of, and the day after surgery, and describing each step in the surgical process. You also voted on which family photos were best for the promotional poster.

With your input, we developed an engaging and educational Tour that is available in 5 languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Punjabi, and Vietnamese!

You can watch the Tour by going to

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and for the many other patient and family education materials you have reviewed!

Alana Rauscher                                                           Susan Grieg
Leader, Health Literacy & Special Projects           Partners in Care Family Liaison
Learning & Development                                          BC Children’s Hospital
BC Children’s and BC Women’s Hospital

Not a Partner in Pajamas yet? Join us today to make your voice heard in future projects.


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