Pay-by-Stall parking system coming next week

importantAfter September 30, the parking system at BC Children’s and BC Women’s will change to a Pay-by-Stall system with parking meters instead of gates.

When you come to the Oak Street Campus, simply park your car and remember the stall number. Go to the nearest parking meter located at  building entrances, enter your stall number and pay. Parking meters accept cash (exact change only) or credit cards. You do not need to display your receipt on your dashboard.


Parking rates remain the same as they were under the old system:

  • $3.50 per hour
  • $14.25 per day (24 hours)
  • $63.75 per week
  • $103.25 per month

All of these options can be paid at any parking meter.

If your visit is running longer than you thought, and you haven’t paid for enough time, find the nearest meter and re-enter your stall number to pay for more parking time.

If you have to leave and return to the hospital, park in any stall and display the receipt you received earlier on your dashboard face up. The receipt will show parking payment when displayed on your dashboard, even if you are now parked in a different stall.

Keep an eye out for Parking Ambassadors who will be roaming the parking lots Monday to Friday, ready to lend a hand if you need. Or, if you’d rather not deal with any of the hassles of parking your own car, take advantage of the free valet service offered Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm, at the Main Entrance to BC Children’s Hospital and let the Parking Assistant park your car (regular hourly parking rates apply).

For more details about the new parking system, read the Parking FAQs here.

Valet Parking



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4 Responses to Pay-by-Stall parking system coming next week

  1. Val H says:

    Hi. We were very fortunate to receive a parking pass (punch card) from a group of friends when our daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Will we still be able to use it? I really hope so.

    Thank you.

    • Linda T. says:

      Regrettably, no, you won’t be able to use your punch card pass any more. From the manager in charge of parking:

      “We don’t have a rate in place on the meters yet to replace the 30-hour punch cards. The individual may take her card to the cashiers office in the Crossroads and will be granted a pro-rated refund.”

      The cashiers office is on the first floor of BC Women’s Hospital, where it connects to BC Children’s & the cafeteria hallways (called “the crossroads”).

      I’m sorry, Val. I wish I had a better answer for you.

      Linda Tobias
      social media coordinator
      partners in care program

  2. Carrianne Casavant says:

    Is there any way to have a meter installed in the lobby of the hospital so parents do not need to pack up and drag their children ouside in the weather….

    And also, it would be great to be able to use Interact for those who have no credit cards and may not have exact change….what a stress it is to have to find a cash machine, find a place to make change, and get out to the meters. Who wants to worry about all of this and the stress of getting a ticket if you miss the deadline when you are there to support and focus on your child.

    • Linda T. says:

      Hi Carrianne,

      Here is the answer I got for you, straight from the parking manager:

      “There is a change machine located between the vending machines at Second Cup. And I’m pretty sure there’s also one by the vending machines at the SHY cafeteria. There is an ATM in the Children’s lobby and in SHY cafeteria as well. There may be more ATMs and change machines on the site, but these are the ones I know about.

      Yes, we are planning to get a meter installed in the lobby, but have held off for the moment due to all the renovations occurring there, including the new front Oak Street entrance to Children’s that is being created in the next few months. But once we’ve determined a good location in the lobby to put a meter we can install it.

      The meters only accept credit cards – no debit at this time.”

      Also, I’ll add to that: the current parking meter is just outside the entrance and is covered, so you don’t need to worry about going out into bad weather.

      I hope that some of this information has been helpful to you. Thank you again for your feedback (you raised some valid points!) and thank you for your patience while the new system is put into practice.

      Linda T.
      Social Media Coordinator
      Partners in Care

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