2013 Family Centred Care Awards Recap

Last month, patients and their families recognized 14 individuals — from BC Children’s Hospital, BC Women’s Hospital NICU and Sunny Hill Health Centre — who had gone above and beyond in demonstrating the principles of patient & family centred care. The 2013 Family Centred Care Awards were a huge success. The Chan Centre Auditorium was packed, and four families from across the province joined us via video conference.

There were many highlights. Every time one of the young patients went up to present an award to the staff member who had impacted his or her life, “awwwwww”s erupted from the audience. Some families’ stories led to misty eyes, others to laughter.

There were two Lifetime Achievement Awards presented this year. Diane Hart (left photo; in centre), Director of the Child Life Department was honoured for her tireless work to include patients and family voices. Rosella McCarthy (right photo, to left), Registered Nurse, was recognized for transforming the ICU into a place that is more welcoming and a little bit less scary for families.

Diane Hart

Rosella McCarthy


Twelve other awards were presented:

Award of Distinction
Dr. Andrew Campbell, Cardiologist
Kim Durlacher, Occupational Therapist
Dr. Sandy Pitfield, Intensivist

Family Centred Care Award
Dr. Michelle Demos, Clinical Assistant Professor
Manraj Heran, Radiologist
Emily Jewel, Nurse Clinician
Patrick Lozier, RN
Dr. Dan Metzger, Physician

Honourable Mention
Donna Atkinson, Clinical Nurse Coordinator
Santiago Calimoso, LPN
Andrea Johnson, Social Worker
Dr. Paul Steinbok, Neurosurgeon

FCC Award

Nominations for the 2014 Family Centred Care Awards are now being accepted. Do you know an individual who deserves to be recognized? Click here to learn more about how to submit a nomination.

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