New books in the library: January additions

The library at the Family Support and Resource Centre has a large selection of resources that are available to all residents of BC. Here’s what’s new this month:
(Click on the image to order the book online!)

Starting a conversationStarting a conversation: School children with congenital heart disease
Jillian Robers & Sheryl MacMath

This book is written specifically for parents, teachers, and all school personnel who work with children living with congenital heart disease. It provides detailed, practical suggestions for developing strong, supportive relationships between parents and teachers.


Have you filled a bucket today? A guide to daily happiness for kids
Carol McCloud, Carol & David Messing

Through sweet, simple prose and vivid illustrations, children see how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation, and love on a daily basis.


My brother is different: A parents’ guide to help children cope with an Autistic sibling
Barbara J. Morvay, Lisa Confora & Jeanne B. Daubner

Helps parents and families cope with the overwhelming feelings, fears, and everyday life as experienced by their non-Autistic child by acknowledging fundamental yet painful truths.

parentingExtreme parenting: Parenting your child with a chronic illness
Sharon Dempsey

Parenting under extreme circumstances challenges us to find our true strengths, to push ourselves physically and emotionally. This book is a guide and a source of support for parents of children with long-term illnesses.

parentingHold on to your kids: Why parents need to matter more than peers (updated 2013 edition)
Gordon Neufeld & Gabor Mate

Children and youth tend to look to their peers for direction. The concepts, principles and practical advice in this book offer parents the ability to satisfy their children’s inborn need to find direction by turning towards a source of authority, contact and warmth.

To find out more about the library and the Family Support & Resource Centre, including how to have these and other books mailed to your house at no charge:

Visit: Rm K2-126,  2nd floor, Ambulatory Care Building
Open Mon-Fri, 10 am-4 pm
Call: 604-453-8335 ext 1  OR   local 5102


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