Entrance 11 (near Second Cup) closes on Monday

importantFrom Monday, January 27, until April 2014, BC Children’s Hospital Entrance 11 (near Second Cup; by the Oak Street entrance) will be temporarily closed while a new driveway and drop off area is built. The sidewalk from Oak Street to the entrance will also be closed during this time.

To access BC Children’s Hospital, please use the north entrance (#17). To access BC Women’s Hospital, please use the south entrance (#93). 

The sidewalk between the helipad and the Oak Street Entrance will be permanently closed.

 Meanwhile, the sidewalk along Ring Road (on both sides of the street) from the front of BC Children’s toward BC Women’s will also be closed.  When visiting BC Women’s Hospital on foot, walk south along Oak Street onto the sidewalk between the helipad and Canadian Blood Services and enter through entrance 93.

Please pay careful attention to signs that are posted.


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