March 4: changes at BC Children’s & BC Women’s

There are changes happening at BC Children’s and BC Women’s, starting tomorrow (March 4, 2014):

All access to Shaughnessy A Wing will be permanently closed.

The Anatomic Pathology Lab will still be accessible through Entrance 45 and from the E wing, all other access points are closed. (Entrance 45 remains closed to everyone else.)

The North glass hallway, by the Respiratory department, connecting the Shaughnessy Building and the BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital main building will be permanently closed.

How to access BC Children’s and BC Women’s:

Going between Shaughnessy and the BC Children’s/BC Women’s main building, you must use the south glass hallway on level 1, passing by the cafeteria and through the main corridor in BC Children’s and BC Women’s.

Temporary daytime walking route: exit the Shaughnessy Building in front of the auditorium on the second floor; walk down the stairs and across the courtyard into the door at the end of the glass tunnel,­ by the Respiratory Department. 


BCCH access

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