Our History

The History of Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC) at BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre and BC Women’s Neonatal Program

The Partners in Care Family Advisory was established in 1990 by Oona (Edna) Durbach, a DurbackOonaBC Children’s Hospital staff member.  After attending a Family Centred Care conference she established the BC Children’s hospital resource library and set up a family advisory committee made up of both family members and staff.  Oona served as the link between hospital administration and the committee. Some of the original family members included Susan Murphy and Kathy Mukai both of whom were instrumental in the set-up of the advisory and with recruiting new members over the years.  Administrative support was provided by staff member, Gail Soo Lum.

When it became known that Oona was going to retire, PiC members recognized that it would be a good time to ask the hospital to consider a move from a staff liaison position to that of a paid family member position.  Rosella Jefferson, a nurse from the PICU and long-time support & member of PiC filled the part-time liaison role in November 2002 after Oona left and during the time that PiC was working on creatingSusan Greig Profile Picture and establishing the new position.  In the spring of 2005, Susan Greig, a parent who had used the hospital extensively was hired in the .5 Family Liaison position; this was at the time the only role of its sort in Canada and showed a deep commitment by hospital administration to create a stronger link with families.  Administrative support was provided by Gail Soo Lum until the fall 2006, after which time she was promoted into the Library and Bookstore Coordinator position and the Partners in Care Administrative Assistant role was taken over by Susan Lee.

The Patient and Family Advisory program started small with one patient and family advisory group.  It has grown to include an entire program with four patient and family advisory councils and one youth advisory council, as well as four paid parent partners.  We currently have 60 volunteer patient and family partner members, 50 staff members, and 9 hospital and community partner members that attend meetings at the hospital.  Over 190 VPJPartners in Pajamas members contribute to the broader family voice  through email and social media participation.

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