What is an RPIW?

LEAN Events/Rapid Process Improvement Workshop/Week

A RPIW is an improvement process that brings together a team of staff from either various departments or a single department to examine a problem, eliminate wastes, propose solutions, and implement changes. The week of activity is also known a Kaizen event wherein new ideas are implemented and tried out immediately; the process uses the Lean philosophy which is related to continuous, incremental improvement. Since BC Children’s Hospital is a patient and family-centered organization family members are included on the RPIW team.

As a participant in the RPIW team the patients or parents involved provide the link to the broader patient & family voice through the Partners in Pajamas program.  During the RPIW week when the team has questions about what patients and families want, the patient/parent involved gives their opinion but to ensure the broader family voice they can access the Partners in Pajamas program.  We create a poll or survey that can be sent out to approximately 200 patients & families for rapid feedback (usually within 4-5 hours).  This ensures that the project is actually patient & family centred (doing things “with” patients & families”) rather than patient & family focused (well intentioned staff doing things “to and for” patients & families ie: focus groups)

What’s involved for parents?  Must I attend all five days?

RPIW’s are intensive five day events; on the first day you are provided with training to understand the tools that you’ll be using. Participation for the entire week is encouraged because you’ll have not only a better understanding of the process but there is a lot of discussion that goes on incidentally where you can give feedback and insights to the group based on some of the data or family experiences.  It is recognized by the organization that a commitment of five full days is difficult for any parent, let alone a parent with a sick child, so there have been times when a parent has attended at key points throughout the week rather than all of the days.

Please click here for more information and to see the pdf document from the PHSA about the RPIW process.