PFCC Program

Our patient and family centred care department consists of several services including our “Partners in Care” Patient and Family Advisory program which is a number of committees made up of patients, parents, family volunteers and staff who help the organization put patient and family centred care into practice on an organizational level.  Parents, patients and other family members are considered experts and:

  • sit on hospital committees
  • tell their personal stories
  • help develop and teach patient & family centred care to staff
  • help develop patient and family education materials
  • evaluate, participate in and spearhead policy and program development and change
  • tell us how to improve the comfort of patients and families during hospital stays
  • tell us what we need in the new hospital

Become a Patient or Family Partner Advisor Learn how to become a family and patient partner, one of the greatest resources at BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre and BC Women’s Neonatal Program. Learn more about our:

Partners in Pajamas Virtual Advisory Council

Partners in Care Patient and Family Advisory Council

Partnrs in Care Youth Advisory Council