Patient & Family Centred Care Resources

The Institute for Patient- and Family Centred Care

The Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care, a non-profit organization founded in 1992, takes pride in providing essential leadership to advance the understanding and practice of patient- and family-centered care. By promoting collaborative, empowering relationships among patients, families, and health care professionals, the Institute facilitates patient- and family-centered change in all settings where individuals and families receive care and support.  The institute offers two seminars a year as well as a continuous series of webinars on various aspects of patient- and family-centered care.  Click here to go to their website.

The Canadian Family Advisory Network

Partners in Care, the family advisory for BC Children’s Hospital is a member of this organization that links all of the Canadian Pediatric Family Advisories across Canada.  Promotion of Family Centred Care is a key aspect of this groups work.  Click here for more information.

The American Academy of Pediatrics-Family Centered Care and the Pediatrician’s Role

Read the policy statement created in 2007 here.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement

To learn more about patient and family centred care initiatives, please click here.

Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital

To read more about their family centered care program, their family advisory, and services please click here.